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16/11/2012 15:47

New Lightweight Inflatable Fender

We have developed a Strong Lightweight Inflatable Fender with a high UV - resistance   The lightweight inflating Fenders measure height 75 x 30 cm and only weigh 125 Grams. Each Fender...
02/03/2012 10:37

New Neoprene Products

We now have a number of new neoprene products including "NEOSPAN" or "SUPERSTRETCH neoprene, "SHARKSKIN' neoprene for non slip applications and top quality Neoprene in Double Lined Nylon. We cary...
25/07/2010 16:27


3G-MAX Is our new Soft Shell Fabric, a 3 layer Hydro  Membrane with waterproof and breathable properties. Lightweight ( 197 Gsm) . Soft and Durable. Please ask for details and prices.
07/05/2010 10:29

TPU - Thermo Plactic Urethane a new breakthrough in Fabrics Finishes

TPU or Thermo Plastic Urethane is a laminated film applied to fabric. This allows for better seamstrength when welding fabrics. This Process is now available in a range of Nylon Fabrics from 40...
31/03/2010 12:35

New: Healthcare Mattress Cover Fabrics

We are pleased to introduce a number of new fabrics expecially designed for hospital and healthcare mattress covers. These fabrics incorporate the latest technologies regarding fire retardancy and...
03/03/2010 11:01

Safety Standards: Fire Retardancy

We are now able to offer our fabrics with a Fire Retardant finish meeting NFPA1977, 2005 edition standard as well as anti microbial properties. This will meet the most stringent safety standards of...

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