Slide Sheet Fabrics

Using slide sheets in your facilities has a lot of advantages:

  • Reduced high risk of manual handling

  • Reduced workers compensation claims and premiums

  • Conformance with Workcover & OHS guidelines and recommendations

  • A reusable alternative to incontinence products

  • Complies with "No Lift" manual handling policies and
    employer duty of care responsibilities



This state of the art fabric has

  • Micro Barrier - the ultimate anti microbial finish

  • Increased slip performance on both sides of the fabric

  • Increased launder ability with independent wash trials up to 150 washes due to our 
    unique polyester base cloth and silicon finish

  • Increased abrasion resistance of the coating and fabric

  • Easier for the operator to garb and hold due to a thicker construction

  • A quieter fabric reducing undue noise, no disturbance to nearby patients or residents

  • Softer finish reducing patients bruising, skin tears and abrasions


Technical Specifications

Application:                Polyester Slide Sheet Fabric with Silicone Coated
                                 Anti Microbal Finish for Easy Sliding

Colours:                     Various

Width:                        150 cm              

Weight:                      120 gsm

Minimum:                   100 mtrs

Specifications:            Silicone Coated + Micro Barrier Anti Bacterial Finish

Code:                         Syntex Polyslide


Download full specifications:  Polyester Slide Sheet Fabric


Micro Barrier Properties: 



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