Nylon ( Polyamide) is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers that are known their high strength and excellent resilience.




  • superior abrasion resistance and high flexibility

  • durability and good specific strength

  • high elongation

  • highly resilient (nylon fabrics are heat-set)

  • high resistance to insects, fungi, animals, as well as molds, mildew, rot and many chemica

  • nylon has the ability to be very lustrous, semilustrous or dull

  • transparent under infrared light (-12dB)



70D Breathable Nylon SOFT-TEX >>
70D Nylon Ripstop PU >>
70D Nylon Ripstop TPU >>
210D Nylon Oxford PU >>
210D Skid Resistant Nylon SOFT-TEX>>
420D Nylon Oxford Light PU >>
420D Nylon Parapack HD + PU >>
420D Nylon PVC >>
500D Nylon Kodra + PU >>
500D Cordura + PU >>
500D Cordura + PU Camo >>
1000D Nylon Kodra Camo >>
1000D Cordura PU >>
1000D Nylon Kodra + PU >>